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Before you use e-mail to communicate with the University Counseling Center (UCC) be aware of the following:

Individual staff members have e-mail addresses accessible by clicking on the staff member’s name below. There is, however, no certainty that a particular staff member will read your e-mail message as promptly as you might expect, for any of a variety of reasons, including illness or vacation. An e-mail may also be sent to the wrong e-mail address. Also, e-mail traffic is accessible to certain authorized information system administrators within the University. Access by unauthorized individuals, while unlikely, can not be ruled out.

We recommend calling us at (336.758.5273) or stopping by our office at 118 Reynolda Hall.


Marianne Schubert, PhD, Director
Alan Cameron, PhD, Assoc. Director and Psychologist
Andréa Cantarelli, PsyD, Staff Psychologist
Denisha Champion, PhD, Staff Counselor
Hillary Lambert, PsyD, Staff Psychologist
Robert McNamara, PhD, Staff Psychologist
James Raper, PhD, Assoc. Director and Counselor
Katie McBroom, BBA, Administrative Coordinator