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Netflix and crash

We all have busy lives. That busyness can include “legitimate” demands on our time (classes, relationships, employment, practicing refining an art or sport, etc.), as well as additional demands ...

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Deconstructing Beauty with "The Illusionists"

[Guest Post by Emily Palmieri, Staff Counselor and Coordinator of Eating Disorder Prevention Services]

Have you seen the “Who are the Illusionists?” signs and wondered what that’s all ...

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What if we talked about physical health the way we talk about mental health?

I’ve written earlier about the common lament I hear from students managing emotional concerns that they feel they must hide: “If only I could break out in purple spots and then people would think ...

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Look for helpers

The heartbreaking news of a mass shooting in Las Vegas drives me to reaffirm our role as being a supportive resource to the WFU community.  You do not need to identify as a survivor or know a ...

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"Check Up From The Neck Up"

This week clinicians from the UCC will be setting up shop around campus, under tents (and with ice cream!) to offer brief mental health screenings and consultations to our community.  We first ...

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