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The UCC provides assessment and brief follow-up for concerns related to alcohol and other drug misuse. Students may self-refer to the UCC based on concerns they and those around them have about their own use, or a student may attend as a result of a university conduct or other administrative requirement.

Those students mandated to attend an assessment by a university administrator will be asked to sign a release of confidentiality form related to attendance, type of recommendation (if any), and status of compliance with the provider’s treatment recommendations. No specific clinical information (contents disclosed in session) will be required to be shared, though a student may choose to have their counselor convey more detailed information.

Students specifically seeking an alcohol/other drug misuse assessment should indicate this specifically when they call for their appointment. If there is a time sensitive need for the assessment, students may also call the Winston-Salem area resources listed below:

Off Campus Resources:

Addiction Recovery Care Association, Inc. – 877.615.2722

Forsyth Behavioral Health Outpatient – 336.718.3550

Full Life Counseling – 336.923.7426

Insight Human Services – 800.758.6077

Mood Treatment Center – 336.722.7266

Old Vineyard Behavioral Health – 855.234.5920

Wake Forest Baptist Health/
Intensive Outpatient Program – 336.716.4551

For more resources, including AA and NA meeting information, please click here.