Salary, Benefits, and Resources

The full-time internship position (12 months with a minimum of 2000 hours), begins in mid-July each year and has an annual stipend of $32,000.  All interns matched to the WFUCC Psychology Internship become employees of Wake Forest University, and therefore must complete pre-employment screenings, including a drug test and background check, in order to be officially hired as an intern.  Interns are eligible for the same benefits as all full-time staff members at WFU, including medical, dental, and vision (  Interns may also elect to cover family members on university-sponsored insurance plans for an additional cost.  Interns are provided 25 days of paid time off (PTO) for vacation and sick leave and are not required to work on approximately 13 University-observed holidays (  As staff members of the UCC, interns are allotted generous professional development funds to attend conferences and trainings during the internship year.

As staff members, interns are assigned office space and clerical support equivalent to other full-time professional staff.  This includes office space, a laptop computer, and internet access, in addition to access to a library of assessment instruments and therapy materials.  The UCC uses Titanium for scheduling and clinical notes, and all interns have access to Titanium on their laptops along with other campus computing resources.  All offices are equipped with a panic button that alerts University Police in the event of an emergency.