Call: 911 or 336.758.5911

Call us: 336.758.5273 

Visit us:  117 Reynolda Hall

Call us: 336.758.5273


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UCC Staff 2019

Our staff of licensed mental health providers, administrative support, and graduate trainees are committed to being a safe, nonjudgmental, and confidential space to all members of the Wake Forest University community.  We represent a diverse range of identities, backgrounds, and theoretical orientations –  all of which allow us to serve the range of mental health needs in our community.  If you need to talk, receive support, problem-solve, or simply want to be in the company of someone who you know will not judge you for any part of your identity, please call on us.

Crisis assistance for urgent mental health needs is available anytime, from anywhere, by calling us at 336.758.5273.  During normal business hours calling this number will allow you to reach an administrative assistant who can help to assess your needs, as well as help you schedule/reschedule appointments.  After-hours and on weekends this number will connect you with a crisis counselor.