When either the student or UCC mental health professional identify that the student’s clinical needs are outside the UCC’s scope of service or would be best served via off-campus medical and/or mental health providers, UCC professionals will assist students with connecting to an off campus provider. In general, student concerns are outside of the UCC’s scope of service when, in the opinion of the UCC’s treating professional: 

Case Management Appointments

Case management services are available for students who feel that they will be supported best by a provider off campus or who have met with a UCC provider and an off-campus referral was deemed appropriate. Case management services are also available to student’s who need assistance connecting to various WFU and/or Winston Salem community resources. During your meeting (s) with the Clinical Case Manager, you can expect:

How do I schedule with an Off-Campus Provider?

You have decided to pursue mental health care with an off-campus provider or a UCC clinician determined that your needs can best be served with an off campus medical and/or mental health provider. been provided with referral options for off-campus care. The information on this page will walk you through the steps to help you get connected to the services you need. You can also download the Student’s Guide to Navigating Off-Campus Referrals for future reference.

Finding the Provider for you

If you met with a UCC provider or the Clinical Case Manager, you were likely provided information for a few off campus provider options that are good places to start with getting connected for care. However, databases like PsychologyToday.com are also great options for finding mental health providers in your area. Databases allow you to search by your insurance carrier, presenting issues, types of therapy, and other provider preferences. See below for additional National Databases.

Making the First Contact

When you call an off-campus provider, it is likely that you will get a voicemail system or an answering machine; therefore, it is best to leave a brief message, including your name, number, information about who referred you, the purpose of your call, and the best times to return your call. If you feel comfortable, you can also share a little information about the concerns you would like to address. Providers may also list an email in their contact information. This is sometimes a more convenient option for initiating contact due to both your schedule as a student and the providers schedule. 
It is recommended that you choose at least two clinicians to contact at first. You are essentially shopping for the provider that makes you feel comfortable and can best address your needs. Some providers offer free initial phone consultations that are about 15 minutes in length to get to know more about you and for you to ask them any questions you may have. Remember to inquire about this when making the first contact. This is a perfect time to ask about their experience and treatment approach. Reference the Student’s Guide to Navigating Off-Campus Referrals for an example script that you can use when calling or emailing providers and  examples of questions to ask during your free consultation.

Things to Remember

You may have to meet with a few therapists before you find the person who is the best match for you. That is perfectly fine! Taking the time to find the right provider is worth the effort because the treatment will be more effective.

If you have any questions, concerns or need additional assistance with this process, please call the University Counseling Center at 336-758-5273 and ask to schedule a meeting with the Clinical Case Manager.

The University Counseling Center continues to be an available resource for you. We continue to offer daily individual walk-in appointments and a spectrum of group therapy options throughout the semester. We will also continue to offer an after-hours counselor-on-call after 5:00 pm on weekdays and 24 hours a day on weekends. The counselor-on-call can be reached by calling our office at (336) 758-5273. 

TimelyCare continues to be a free and confidential telehealth option for Reynolda campus graduate and undergraduate students. Students are allotted twelve sessions per academic year.

For Community Providers

The Wake Forest University Counseling Center maintains a database of off-campus mental health professionals that we use when assisting students with referrals. We are always open to building relationships with community providers and learning about resources available to our students. We send out update requests at least quarterly to ensure that we have the most accurate information about practices and provider availability. If you would like to included in our referral database, please complete this form.