Returning to the University after Withdrawal for Psychological Reasons

For all Reynolda Campus students (undergraduate and graduate/professional) who plan to return to the university in the future after a withdrawal for psychological reasons, you are required to provide documentation from a licensed mental health professional of your readiness to resume all student-related activities. Please share the following forms with your provider as soon as you initiate the treatment relationship so that the professional has an adequate opportunity to assess your readiness.

Have your provider follow the directions for completion and return to the University Counseling Center described in this document. The Director of the University Counseling Center or his designee will evaluate the information provided, and make a recommendation to the Committee on Academic Affairs, or relevant graduate/professional school Dean or committee, who makes the final decision.

Undergraduate students should contact the Office of Academic Advising with any questions related to a leave from the university. Students from Wake Forest University graduate and professional schools on the Reynolda Campus should contact relevant program administrators.

Reduction in Course Load, Late Drop of Class(es), and Withdrawal from the University for Psychological Reasons

The UCC does not provide letters of support at the time of the triage assessment or initial visit, and students should not seek services at the University Counseling Center for the sole purpose of obtaining a letter to support a reduction in academic course load or withdrawal from classes. The UCC typically provides documentation regarding a student’s mental health only when the student has been receiving on-going treatment at the UCC concurrent to the time in question.

Students requiring such documentation who have not been seen at the UCC are advised to obtain letters of support from mental health professionals or medical providers who have been involved directly in their mental health care for the relevant time period. This documentation can be sent to the Director of the University Counseling Center or the Director of Deacon Health for review and subsequent communication to the Office of Academic Advising and/or Committee on Academic Affairs, or relevant graduate/professional school Dean or committee.

For information about the UCC’s policy on providing documentation for emotional support animals (ESA), please visit our Scope of Service page.

For Life-Threatening Emergencies

Call Anytime: 911 or 336.758.5911

For Urgent Mental Health Crises

Call Us Anytime: 336.758.5273

To Make an Appointment

Call Us During Office Hours

(8:30AM – 5PM)

Crisis Assistance

For urgent mental health needs, crisis assistance is available anytime, from anywhere, by calling us at 336.758.5273.  During normal business hours, calling this number will connect you with our administrative assistant who can help assess your needs and direct you to therapy options.  After-hours and on weekends, this number will connect you with a crisis counselor.

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