For Life-Threatening Emergencies

Call Anytime: 911 or 336.758.5911

For Urgent Mental Health Crises

Call Us Anytime: 336.758.5273

To Make an Appointment

Call Us During Office Hours

(8:30AM – 5PM)

Crisis Assistance

For urgent mental health needs, crisis assistance is available anytime, from anywhere, by calling us at 336.758.5273.  During normal business hours, calling this number will connect you with our administrative assistant who can help assess your needs and direct you to therapy options.  After-hours and on weekends, this number will connect you with a crisis counselor.

Student Complaint Form

The University Counseling Center (UCC) is comprised of generalist mental health professionals (licensed professional counselors and psychologists) who provide short-term clinical assessment, consultation, and counseling/ psychotherapy for Wake Forest University students.  The UCC’s model of care allows us to support and treat students for the majority of their concerns. Generally, the UCC offers face-to-face modalities of counseling for students: 

  • when the UCC’s short-term, goal-focused counseling approach is likely to be effective,
  • when the frequency and number of appointments based on assessed student need can be accommodated by the UCC, and
  • when the student is freely choosing to access treatment.