New Deac Week! Tips for First Year Students

A hearty welcome to the class of 2021!  I expect there has been much anticipation for this day, the coming orientation period, and for your first year in college.

I just dropped off my two sons for their first day of school today as well (2nd grade and 7th grade).  And I told them the same thing that I say to my clients – whether they are seniors getting ready to graduate, juniors leaving for/returning from study abroad, sophomores preparing for summer internship, and yes, first years coming to college:  new things, even wonderful new things, can be hard and scary.

For first years, your brains and bodies need time to adapt to the surroundings, the roommate(s), professors, and climate.  And then come the expectations that we put on ourselves to please and succeed – however we might define that.  So there may be headaches and some pounding hearts, a little sweating, maybe some sleeplessness.  Expect them, notice them when they are present, and reassure yourself that your body and brain are simply telling you that something important is happening.

In a few weeks if those things aren’t getting better, give us a call.  The University Counseling Center is one of many support resources on campus (starting with your amazing Resident Advisors!)

And in the meantime, check out this great article on some other important parts of adjusting to college.  I hope you have an amazing year – we are all so glad you’ve joined our community!

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