Fall 2017 Groups Listed!

The University Counseling Center has created a thriving groups program, with six groups of varying types being offered for the fall semester.


Groups are a great modality of choice for counseling support for many reasons.  Groups offer an opportunity to meet others who have had similar experiences and who also want to pursue personal growth and receive support both from mental health professionals and peers.  In this way group counseling can be the preferred modality rather than individual counseling.

Most of our groups have 5-8 members and meet once a week for either a half or whole semester. What group members talk about, and when, is up to the individual.  Some groups support around relationship concerns, while others will be more focused on specific topics or issues.  As a reminder, all contact with the UCC is confidential and there is no cost.  In addition, participation in group sessions do not count towards annual session limits.  Please explore our Fall 2017 group offerings below and complete the Group Interest Form if you are interested in more information or joining a group.

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