“Check Up From The Neck Up”

This week clinicians from the UCC will be setting up shop around campus, under tents (and with ice cream!) to offer brief mental health screenings and consultations to our community.  We first began doing this in the fall of 2013 – though four years ago it looked very different.  We were tucked away in two rooms on the fourth floor of the Benson University Center.  At the time our newest Staff Psychologist Dr. Andréa Cantarelli suggested we move the screenings to more public locations on campus – she was certainly right to suggest it.

We set up in semi-public spaces – often outside – with enough distance to have a conversation.  But, just like getting a flu shot or your blood pressure taken, we want to help community to all that we don’t need to hide from checking on our how our mood has been doing lately.   Since that first screening in the Benson Center we have conducted our screenings twice a year and have screened hundreds of students.

So we are about six weeks into the semester – come and see us, get a status check on your mood, and share some ice cream and beautiful fall weather.

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