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Note: We do not make appointments via email.
To make an appointment please come by 118 Reynolda Hall or call 336.758.5273.


James Raper, Ph.D.Raper
NC Licensed Professional Counselor-Supervisor

Colgate University (B.A., Religion)
Wake Forest University (M.A.Ed., Counseling)
Syracuse University (Ph.D., Counselor Education & Supervision)
Internship: Hobart & William Smith Colleges Counseling Center

Clinical Interests
Suicide assessment and intervention; Identity issues; Disordered eating and body image issues; Relationship dysfunction; Crisis intervention; Clinical supervision; Threat assessment and management; Counseling center administration.  I have also served as an adjunct assistant professor in the WFU Department of Counseling.

Counseling Style
My work with clients incorporates developmental, psychodynamic (interpersonal), cognitive behavioral, and mindfulness approaches.  I strive for my clients to experience me as safe, direct, thoughtful, and compassionate.

I have a great partner and two wonderful sons with whom I enjoy spending most of my time outside of work. I love movies (especially documentaries), music, This American Life, college athletics, photography, and military history. I’m attempting to learn how to cook and have yet to send my partner to the hospital with any illnesses as a result of my dishes, so I consider that a success!

I can’t say enough about the amazing mental health professionals at the University Counseling Center and professionals throughout the Division of Campus Life – I consider it a privilege to work with them every day.


Andrea Cantarelli, Psy.D.Cantarelli
Staff Psychologist
NC Licensed Psychologist

Miami University (B.A., Psychology and Sociology)
Wright State University (Psy.D., Clinical Psychology)
Internship: Purdue University Counseling & Psychological Services Center

Clinical Interests
I have a special interest in working with individuals from diverse backgrounds including international and first generation students, student-veterans, and LGBTQ students.  Concerns related to acculturation, minority stress, identity development, mood and anxiety disorders, intimate partner violence, and ADHD represent areas of clinical focus.

Counseling Style
My therapeutic framework is rooted in Multicultural and Cognitive-Behavioral theories.  I actively seek to understand the world views of my clients and to incorporate these views into our work. It is also my belief that a positive therapeutic alliance is the mechanism of change, healing, and growth.

I enjoy being outdoors and maintaining an active lifestyle. Spending time with my son and our two dogs, traveling, listening to music, and sweating it out in group cycling/spinning classes, Zumba, and cross-training are some of my favorite activities.

Favorite quote: “The meaning of things lies not in the things themselves, but in our attitude towards them.” – Antoine de Saint-Exupery


ChampionDenisha Champion, Ph.D.
Assistant Director for Programming and Prevention
NC Licensed Professional Counselor

Clemson University (B.A., Communication Studies)
The University of North Carolina at Greensboro (M.S., Counseling)
The University of North Carolina at Greensboro (Ph.D., Counseling and Counselor Education)
Internship: Wake Forest University Counseling Center

Clinical Interests
Multicultural/Multi-ethnic concerns; Issues affecting students of color; Substance abuse and prevention; Wellness, Mindfulness, and Holistic health; Eating concerns; Family relationships; Counselor education and supervision. The presenting concerns I typically work with include anxiety, depression, family relationship concerns, disordered eating, identity concerns, issues of race and ethnicity, as well as individuals seeking counseling for personal growth and development.

Counseling Style
My counseling style integrates a blend of interpersonal and cognitive behavioral therapy in order to help students explore the connection between their thoughts and emotional experiences. My clinical experience has been primarily college student developmental concerns; and I have also done clinical work in substance abuse outside of the university setting.

I grew up in South Carolina and love the warmth of the south. When I’m not doing my life’s passion of helping students deal with personal concerns and reach their goals; I can be found dancing it out in a Zumba class,  breathing it out in Bikram yoga,  or at a spa. I love trying to recreate the comfort foods my southern grandmothers made and visiting friends spread across the country.


Rebecca Fogley, Psy.D. Fogley
Staff Psychologist
NC Licensed Psychologist (Provisional)

College of William and Mary (B.A., Psychology)
University of Indianapolis (M.A., Clinical Psychology)
University of Indianapolis (Psy.D., Clinical Psychology)
Internship: University of Rochester University Counseling Center
Postdoctoral Fellowship: University of Rochester University Counseling Center

Clinical Interests
Grief and loss; trauma; anxiety; interpersonal concerns; identity development and integration; group psychotherapy

Therapeutic Style
My therapeutic approach is flexible, though rooted in person-centered and psychodynamic theory and technique. I am invested in working with people, not merely problems, and therefore strive to learn about clients’ inner worlds and past and present interpersonal experiences. One of my primary goals is to help people develop nuanced understandings of themselves and others and, in turn, to use this knowledge to respond more effectively to psychological challenges and to enhance their lives.

I am a native Pennsylvanian and feel at home in the rolling hills of North Carolina. Hiking, playing tennis, and lounging in a hammock are some of my favorite outdoor activities. Call me old-fashioned – I love making playlists for people, playing cards, sending snail mail, and eating Mary Janes. I think play is important regardless of age, and I still delight in trampolines, snowball fights (will it ever snow here?), and good-natured pranks.


Katie McBroom, B.B.M.McBroom
Administrative Coordinator

Florida International University (B.B.M., Business Management)

As the Administrative Coordinator for the University Counseling Center, it is my goal is to create a warm, friendly environment where students can feel safe and welcome.  I aspire to make every encounter with our office be not only helpful for our students, but also pleasant and accommodating.

I grew up mainly in South Florida; however, I spent several years of my early childhood living overseas in Panama and the Bahamas.  I love to volunteer and am involved in a two major philanthropic organizations that keep me quite busy and involved in the community.  When not indulging my passion for volunteerism, I can normally be found at home, baking up a storm in the kitchen and enjoying the company of my husband and our beloved dog, Dexter.


Heather Patterson Meyer, Psy.D., M.A.T.Meyer
Staff Psychologist
NC  Licensed Psychologist (Provisional)

North Carolina State University (B.S., Business Management, Marketing emphasis)
Fuller Theological Seminary Graduate School of Psychology (M.A., Psychology)
Fuller Theological Seminary (M.A., Theology)
Fuller Theological Seminary Graduate School of Psychology (Psy.D., Clinical Psychology, Leadership track)
Internship:  Duke University Counseling and Psychological Services

Clinical Interests
Disordered eating and body image, relational struggles, spiritual and existential issues, self-compassion, depression and anxiety, issues related to diversity, identity concerns (particularly the intersection of sexual/gender identity and religious identity), holistic wellness, risk assessment, values clarification and personal growth, as well as career counseling.

Counseling Style
My clinical work is grounded in a relational psychodynamic framework that utilizes a warm, caring therapeutic experience as a vehicle to help the client identify and dissolve obstacles preventing them from moving toward others in healthy relationships.  Additionally, I incorporate empirically-supported approaches (including Acceptance and Commitment Therapy (ACT) and mindfulness-based interventions) to be flexible and responsive to the unique needs of each client.

I grew up as part of a military family, so I have lived in more places than I can count at this point.  I was born in San Diego and then completed my graduate program in Pasadena, though, so I am a laid-back California girl at heart.  I love the outdoors and spend my time outside of work taking my adorable little Miniature Pinscher for walks, playing tennis with my wonderful husband, or enjoying conversation with friends out on the patio.  When I’m forced to be inside, though, during the cold winter months, I enjoy baking (I make amazing gluten-free scones) and watching movies.


Daniel Paredes, Ph.D.Paredes
Assistant Director for Clinical Services
NC Licensed Professional Counselor

University of California at San Diego (B.A., Psychology)
University of North Carolina at Greensboro (M.S., Community Counseling)
University of North Carolina at Greensboro (Ph.D., Counseling and Counselor Education)
Internships: Moses Cone Behavioral Health Center; University of North Carolina at Greensboro Counseling and Testing Center

Clinical Interests
College/university counseling; counselor training; crisis counseling; identity development; multi/cross-cultural counseling; substance abuse counseling; technology use in counseling; and wellness. I have served as a visiting assistant professor in the UNC at Greensboro Department of Counseling and Educational Development.

Counseling Style
I identify as an Adlerian with respect to my understanding of how we develop a framework to relate to others and the world in general. In session, I draw heavily from Person-Centered Counseling and cognitively oriented theories (CBT, REBT, Reality Therapy, SFBT). Based on client needs, I also sometimes invite clients to explore existential and spiritual identities as a means to understanding problem etiology and resolution.

When I am not working, I’m spending time with my wonderful family or indulging my hobbies. I tend to gravitate towards hobbies that lead to concrete results so I like to work on cars, running, and cooking. I acknowledged a long time ago that I am what many would consider a geek – indeed even before it was en vogue to be one.


Anna Leisa Sauser, M.S.Sauser
Staff Counselor
NC Licensed Professional Counselor-Associate

University of Minnesota – Twin Cities (B.A., Journalism; B.A., Middle Eastern History)
South Dakota State University (M.S., Counseling)
Internship: The Mood Treatment Center and Salem College Counseling Services

Clinical Interests
Compassion; Mindfulness/Acceptance; Transitions and identity development; Faith and spirituality; International student life; Women’s identities and wellbeing; Grief/Loss; Stress, anxiety and depression; Career concerns. I lead occasional workshops on mindfulness, yoga, and mindful eating.

Counseling Style
I hope to create a supportive, engaging (and maybe even fun!) space for each student. My approach is most closely aligned with Acceptance and Commitment Therapy. Most of us have had little training in how to work with thoughts, feelings and stress in a way that is congruent with our deepest values, so we are all beginners.

I’m a certified yoga instructor, and a certified non-snob. I like to run and cross-train. During my college years, I traveled a lot, and lived in the Middle East for awhile. I love to learn. Best of all, I have a great husband and an adorable pup.


Therapy Dog

I’m a 4-year-old Basset Labrador mix, adopted from a rescue shelter when I was a puppy. From a young age I have loved being around people and am very sensitive to people’s emotions.  I often want to snuggle up to someone if they are sad. I am working toward my Therapy Dog certification and will be in the office occasionally throughout the year.

Napping is my favorite activity, though I do like to get in some time outdoors and a good workout whenever I can. Then I nap.  I enjoy walks on the beach (really), and singing along with my humans. I can dance and count to three, if there are treats involved.  And then I nap.

I am here to offer support and unconditional love! If you feel uncomfortable around dogs for whatever reason, just let the front desk person know and my human will keep me in a separate area. I won’t mind!

2015-2016 Graduate Interns

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