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What is Mindfulness?

Well-known mindfulness teachers and scholars, like Jon Kabat-Zinn, often describe mindfulness as the “practice” of paying attention on purpose in the present moment. This simple (though not always easy) set of exercises has been shown to have wide application for improving quality of life even in the midst of stress and difficulties.

Research has demonstrated that this type of effort enhances sleep, helps with chronic pain, improves mood, decreases anxiety, and helps with attention issues. Mindfulness practice can also increase helpful skills including curiosity and non-judgment in participants’ daily lives. In other words, people who practice regularly often develop a greater sense of inner stability and compassion.

What Does Mindfulness Look Like?

Many people find a quiet place to sit or lie down on a yoga mat while they listen to mindfulness audio tracks.

There are mindfulness groups offered through UCC as well as through the Office of the Chaplain.

Click on these two great TED Talks about mindfulness to learn more:

Ten Mindful Minutes

How Meditation Can Reshape Our Brains

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