The Intern Experience

Interns can expect to be welcomed and supported by all members of the UCC staff and to be treated like a full-time staff member with increasing responsibilities during the internship year. The WFUCC Psychology Internship experience prepares interns to be strong generalists who are ready to move into full-time clinical practice upon completion of the training year.  Interns leave the internship with strong skills in therapeutic intervention, diagnosis and treatment planning, conceptualization through the lens of a primary theoretical orientation, appropriate use of assessment instruments, and competence in working with clients from diverse backgrounds.  Interns will also be proficient in conducting thorough risk assessments and managing crisis situations during and after office hours.

Interns can expect to be engaged in all activities associated with working in a university counseling center, with the goal of this contributing to the development of a solid professional identity.  Specifically, interns lead the planning and facilitation of prevention and outreach presentations and therapy groups for students, which serve to increase autonomy as a professional and build leadership skills.  Interns develop an understanding of their role as a psychologist within a larger university environment by providing consultation to staff, parents, and students regarding persons of concern and consulting with other providers on campus regarding shared students.  Additionally, interns gain knowledge of and have influence on the overall functioning of the center and agency decision-making by participating in UCC staff meetings and retreats.

Last, interns can expect to have the ability to co-construct their internship experience with their supervisor and the Training Director.  As much as possible, we work to tailor the training year to fit the needs of each intern. As such, interns are encouraged to explore their own areas of interest and to select an area of specialization for the purpose of developing a niche in the mental health field.